Bankrupt Hanjin breaks stalemate, vessels begin cargo unload

Bankrupt Hanjin breaks stalemate, vessels begin cargo unload
A Hanjin Shipping Co ship is seen stranded outside the Port of Long Beach, California, September 8, 2016. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson/File Photo

A Hanjin shipping vessel which has spent months in limbo has docked in Vancouver to unload cargo and replenish almost bare food provisions.

  • The Hanjin Scarlet docked at DP World's Centerm terminal within the Port of Vancouver on Oct 27.
  • Peter Lahay, ITWF Inspector and coordinator: Hanjin Scarlet has been sitting 28 miles outside Prince Rupert for several months.
  • Hanjin's collapse forced ports around the world to deny service to its ships for fear they would not be paid.
  • South Korea's Hanjin Shipping Co Ltd filed for court receivership at the end of August, which set the stage for its assets to be frozen.
  • Michael Gurney, Prince Rupert Port Authority spokesman: The Hanjin Scarlet arrived into the port on Aug. 30 and discharged some containers at one of its terminals. It then remained under arrest and at anchor in the outer harbor for nearly two months
  • Also under arrest: Hanjin Vienna remains at anchor off Victoria, British Columbia. Will discharge on Nov 3.

(VANCOUVER) A container vessel that spent months sitting off Canada's west coast due to the collapse of South Korea shipping company Hanjin docked in Vancouver on Thursday, according to union officials and ship tracking data.

The Hanjin Scarlet arrived at DP World's Centerm terminal within the Port of Vancouver by early afternoon, according to Thomson Reuters ship tracking data.

The ship, which has 24 crew members, will unload cargo on board, Lahay said. He added that crew members had less than 10 days worth of food and provisions left, and had run out of fresh food.

The vessel, with nearly 800 containers on board, had been sitting some 45 km (28 miles) outside Prince Rupert for several months, said Peter Lahay, an inspector and coordinator with the International Transport Workers Federation.

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