China tests missiles amid North Korea nuclear standoff

On Wednesday China published footage of navy personnel firing missiles from a state-of-the-art battleship in the Yellow Sea 

(VERO BEACH, FL) In a video released by the People’s Daily China, Chinese military personnel are shown conducting battle drills including launching missiles and firing various platform based weaponry on Beijing’s Xining Kunming-class Destroyer.

“This live-fire exercise not only provided officers and sailors with an opportunity to fire the artillery, but also tested and regulated their firing techniques and help them gather battling experience,” Xiang Zhihong, a supervising officer with the China’s north sea fleet, said.

The Yellow Sea directly separates mainland China from the Korean peninsula and is a natural deployment area if Beijing decides to intervene militarily in the standoff with North Korea.

In March  the Liaoning, China’s sole aircraft carrier, conducted a training exercise in the Yellow Sea near the North Korean coast. 

A People's Liberation Army Navy official said the training was a regular occurrence and part of plans to connect the navy and the air force, and further advance "technical tactical and operational training."

On Wednesday Vice President Mike Pence told an audience of 2,500 U.S. and Japanese military personnel on the flight of the USS Ronald Reagan that “storm clouds” are gathering on the horizon.

“North Korea is the most dangerous and urgent threat to the peace and security of the Asia-Pacific,” Pence said. “As President Trump has made clear to the world, the era of strategic patience is over.”

Pence added ominously: 

“Any North Korean use of conventional or nuclear weapons will be met with an ‘overwhelming and effective’ response from the US military in the region.”


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