CIA Official: ‘Divine Intervention’ in Benghazi

CIA Official: ‘Divine Intervention’ in Benghazi
The CIA official responsible for recovering the body of Ambassador Christopher Stevens after his death at the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi testified of "divine intervention" involved in his recovery of the ambassador's remains. The man believed to have masterminded the attack on the consulate and a nearby safe house is on trial for the murder of Stevens and three other Americans.

A CIA official who testified under “light disguise” in the trial of accused Benghazi terror attack mastermind Ahmed Abu Khatallah told jurors “divine intervention” led to his recovery of Ambassador Christopher Stevens’ body.

The official, who used the pseudonym “Alexander Charles,” was ultimately responsible for recovering the bodies of those who died in the attack—Stevens, State Department IT staffer Sean Smith, and diplomatic security contractors Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods. Because he was fluent in Arabic, he was able to overhear two men who were discussing the ambassador’s death.

He testified he asked a security official what American they were talking about. Roughly 15 minutes later, Stevens’ body was returned in a body bag in the back of an ambulance.

Charles also testified about the attack, which had begun shortly after his arrival at the U.S. Consulate. He said:

"You could feel the whole ground shaking; big blocks of cement falling. I thought, “This is gonna be my last night on Earth.” I was sure we were going to be buried alive."

The CIA operative also testified about his helping to save the life of State Department staffer David Ubben, whose leg was nearly blown off by a mortar shell’s explosion. He was the last government witness in the trial.

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