‘Complete Reset’ of U.S.-Russia Relations Was Offered

‘Complete Reset’ of U.S.-Russia Relations Was Offered
According to BuzzFeed, Russian President Vladimir Putin offered President Donald Trump a proposal to immediately normalize relations between their two countries back in March.

According to a new report from BuzzFeed Russian President Vladimir Putin offered a "complete reset" of U.S.-Russian relations earlier this year.

The report states:

The proposal, spelled out in a detailed document obtained by BuzzFeed News, called for the wholesale restoration of diplomatic, military, and intelligence channels severed between the two countries after Russia’s military interventions in Ukraine and Syria.

The broad scope of the Kremlin’s reset plan came with an ambitious launch date: immediately.

By April, a top Russian cyber official, Andrey Krutskikh, would meet with his American counterpart for consultations on “information security,” the document proposed. By May, the two countries would hold “special consultations” on the war in Afghanistan, the Iran nuclear deal, the “situation in Ukraine,” and efforts to denuclearize the “Korean Peninsula.” And by the time Putin and Trump held their first meeting, the heads of the CIA, FBI, National Security Council, and Pentagon would meet face-to-face with their Russian counterparts to discuss areas of mutual interest. A raft of other military and diplomatic channels opened during the Obama administration’s first-term “reset” would also be restored.

The article is critical of the Russian proposal, suggesting it “ignores everything that caused the relationship to deteriorate and pretends that the election interference and the Ukraine crisis never happened.” But, it also notes that only a small fraction of the meetings Russia proposed have actually happened.

Much like the now-notorious Fusion GPS dossier it previously published, the online news outlet says it received the documentation anonymously through the mail. And neither the Russian government nor the Trump administration has confirmed its contents.

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