Daily Recap: July 17th, 2017

Daily Recap: July 17th, 2017

As the U.S tests a hypersonic missile to keep up with China and Russia, the new South Korean president try to push talks instead of hostility with his North Korean counterpart. Plus, who was the eighth attendee at the meeting between Donald Trump Jr. and a Russian lawyer? And a planned satanic statue in Minnesota has hundreds of 
Catholics turning out in protest.

The July 17th Edition of TRUNEWS:
Is the Deep State Planting Fake Evidence to Impeach President Trump?

Trump Tower Meeting, Who Was All There?

House Dems’ IT Head a “Dishonest Manipulator“

Comey’s “Tell-All” Memoir For Auction

Global Cyber Attack Could Spur $53 Billion in Losses

Secret Service Did Not Screen Trump’s Son’s Meeting

South Korea Wants Talks Not Hostility With North

India: Pastor Shot Dead Outside Church

U.S. Tests Missile That can Fly Eight Times Speed of Sound

Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI: Church on Verge of Capsizing

Honk Against Satan!

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