Daily Recap: May 18th, 2017

Daily Recap: May 18th, 2017

Need a summary of what the FakeNews media won’t report on? Here’s the TRUNEWS Daily Recap for May 18th, 2017 

(SANTA CLARA, CA) As President Trump and his administration deal with the fallout from the appointment of a special counsel by the Justice Department, U.S. forces carry out an air strike on pro-regime militia in Syria. Plus Pope Francis speaks out to condemn the use of human embryos in medical research. And coming soon to a Facebook page near you- Major League baseball. The League and the social media giant have struck a deal to air 20 show live this season.

May 18th Edition of TRUNEWS Streamcast - Rick Wiles: Technocrats Attempt Reversal of Genesis 11

Google Goes After Part of Apple’s Market

Trump Says It’s The Greatest Witch Hunt in US History 

New Cyber Bill Takes Power Away from NSA

Cyber Bandits Still on the Hunt

Roger Ailes Dies at 77: Former Fox News Chief

Atheist Paints 1 Corinthians 14:34 on Truck: Debate is on!

Pope Condemns Use of Human Embryos

US Air Strike Targets Pro-Syrian Militia

Will an AI Soon Decide Your Insurance Claim?

Coming to Facebook: Live Major League Baseball

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