Death toll rises as ISIS uses Mosul residents as shields

Death toll rises as ISIS uses Mosul residents as shields
5 yr old Iraqi girl named Hawraa being treated near Mosul's Jadeda neighborhood after sustaining injuries from an airstrike, Source: screenshot from © Ruptly

The civilian death toll continues to rise as ISIS uses the residents of Mosul as human shields to delay coalition advances

(WASHINGTON, DC) Civilians continue to bear the brunt of the Iraqi military push on Mosul neighborhoods where ISIS terrorists use people as human shields to delay their demise. RT’s Ruptly met the survivor of an airstrike that destroyed her house with four people inside.

Amid the ongoing battle for the city, a five-year-old girl who was the sole survivor of an airstrike on her home in Mosul's Jadeda neighborhood is now desperately battling for her life in the field hospital of Iraq Special Operations Forces.

The graphic footage of Hawraa’s injured face and leg with medics attending to the wounded girl will forever be embedded in the memory of the grieving father, who lost his wife in the same raid that his daughter was injured in on March 16.

“They [Islamic State, (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) terrorists started shooting. There was shooting next to our house, which was in the corner. Then, an air strike hit them,” the father explained, adding “there were four people in the house, only she survived.”

Indiscriminate strikes by the coalition are directly and indirectly adding to the mounting death toll in Iraq's second largest city, where up to 600,000 civilians are caught in the crossfire. Earlier, Ruply's crew met an Iraqi family that lost a 10-year-old child when the coalition airstrike forced them out of their home.

“The concrete fell on us and we went out running to the main road. There was a sniper on top of a building on that road, I don't know if it was an IS sniper or an army sniper. He said 'go back' and he started shooting at us,” Am Hamdan told Ruptly.

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