Discovery: Well of Molten Carbon beneath Earth’s Surface

Discovery: Well of Molten Carbon beneath Earth’s Surface
Yellowstone National Park -Old Faithful

A 700,000 sq miles Well of Molten Carbon discovered by scientist underneath the Earth. Scientists believe it could cause disaster if released. 

Scientists estimate that the well of molten carbon found underneath the Earth is the size of Mexico. In an article by The Daily Mail researches predict potential environmental damage and chaos in the planet. Many Christians may see this as proof of end times prophecy. 

It would be impossible to drill far enough down to physically 'see' the Earth's mantle, so a team of researchers used a massive group of sensors to paint a picture of it, using mathematical equations to interpret their results.

According to The Daily Mail article the study, conducted by geologists at Royal Holloway University in London, used a huge network of 583 seismic sensors that measure the Earth's vibrations, to create a picture of the area's deep sub surface. What they found was a vast buried deposit of molten carbon, which produces carbon dioxide and other gases, situated under the Western US, 217 miles (350km) beneath the Earth's surface. As a result of this study, published in Earth and Planetary Science Letters, scientists now believe the amount of CO2 is much more than they anticipated. They further explain that the deep carbon reservoir discovered will eventually make its way to the surface through volcanic eruptions.

Dr Sash Hier-Majumder of the University of London's Department of Earth Sciences led the study. He told Mail Online:

'The residence time of this carbon in the mantle is relatively large (nearly 1 billion years), so this reserve is not an imminent threat.' 

'But one important mechanism by which carbon, sinking into the mantle via a subducting oceanic plate, can make it's way back to the surface is by arc volcanism.'

He added: 'We might not think of the deep structure of the Earth as linked to climate change above us, but this discovery not only has implications for subterranean mapping but also for our future atmosphere,'

The area covered by the study includes Yellowstone National Park, where previous research has uncovered evidence of a super volcano which could also spell danger for the planet. The volcano at Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming and Montana sits atop a huge reserve of molten rock and last erupted 640,000 years ago. Experts say there is a one in 700,000 annual chance of a volcanic eruption at the site.

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