FBI: Give Us the Names of Those Who Question Orlando

FBI: Give Us the Names of Those Who Question Orlando
The seal of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) seal in Washington, DC

In a letter dated June 20, 2016, the FBI 'asked' local law enforcement and government leaders to report the identities of anyone requesting  information on events during the infamous Orlando Massacre of June 12th.

In an expansion to a previous story by TRUNEWS, the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office released a letter received from the FBI instructing them to deny all requests for information and refer news outlets seeking information to the feds.  The letter was authored by Tampa, Florida's Special Agent in Charge Paul Wysopal.

The letter reads, in part:
However, further in the letter, a darker tone emerges, as not only is the FBI asking for a suppression of the release of the information, but to direct all inquiries for such information to the Bureau.

As you know, this is an active, on-going investigation being conducted by the FBI. The FBI considers information obtained from state and local law enforcement agencies in furtherance of its investigation to be evidence, or potential evidence. Accordingly, the FBI is concerned that public disclosure of such records or information at this time will adversely affect our ability to effectively investigate the shooting and bring the matter to resolution; could endanger the safety of witnesses, law enforcement officers, and other individuals who have participated in or are otherwise connected with the investigation; and risks unduly prejudicing any prosecutions that may result from the investigation.

Then, stunningly, the FBI asks local officials to actually turn over the names of anyone even REQUESTING information regarding the investigation into the Orlando Massacre.  In the following paragraph, the highlighted portion shows Agent Wysopal 'asking' local authorities to notify the FBI of any such request:

The FBI, therefore, requests that you direct requesters seeking records or information pertaining to the investigation to the FBI to request such information. We further ask that you immediately notify the FBI of any request your agency receives pursuant to Florida's Sunshine Law or any equivalent law, or other judicial, legislative or administrative process, for records or information pertaining to the FBI's active, on-going investigation so that the FBI can seek to prevent disclosure through appropriate channels, as necessary. Finally, to the extent your agency is obligated to respond to a request under Florida's Sunshine Law for records and information pertaining to the FBI's pending investigation, including information that your agency has provided to the FBI in furtherance of our investigation, we request you withhold the records pursuant to FLA. STAT. 119.71 and any other applicable exemption to help ensure that the FBI's investigation can proceed unimpeded.

(TRUNEWS has copies of this letter from Wysopal and local officials in hand)
What that means is that any private citizen, any reporter, or any media outlet that even requests for information related to the Orlando Massacre can have their identities turned over to the FBI.  The implications of having local officials serve as the stifling arm of oppression by an investigative arm of the federal government is chilling.

Are these the earmarks of a new 'American Gestapo'?

We see this reflected in some of the history of the Nazi regime.  In this article from The History Learning Site,

Hitler’s police state worked on the rule that if you said nothing, no harm, could come to you. If you had doubts about the way the country was going, you kept them to yourself – or paid the price. As nearly 17 million people had not voted for either the Nazis or the Nationalist in March 1933, a large and visible police force was required to keep this sizeable group under observation and control.

In Nazi Germany the police were allowed to arrest people on suspicion that they were about to do wrong. This gave the police huge powers. All local police units had to draw up a list of people in their locality who might be suspected of being “Enemies of the State”. This list was given to the Gestapo – the Secret Police. The Gestapo had the power to do as it liked. Its leader – Reinhard Heydrich – was one of the most feared man in Nazi Germany. His immediate chief was Heinrich Himmler. Both men ran their respective branches with ruthless efficiency.
This 'request' by the FBI to law enforcement and other local officials to 'rat out' those who are merely seeking truth are draconian and oppressive strategies to stifle freedom of speech and freedom of the press.

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