Former CIA director warns North Korea could kill 90% of US

Former CIA director warns North Korea could kill 90% of US
Former director of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency James Woolsey takes part in a panel discussion on Sharia law at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington February 12, 2011. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

Former CIA director James Woolsey and Dr. Peter Vincent Pry warn that North Korea could kill 90 percent of Americans

(VERO BEACH, FLA) On Wednesday former CIA director James Woolsey and Dr. Peter Vincent Pry published an Op-Ed in The Hill warning that North Korea has the ability to kill 90 percent of Americans by detonating a high-altitude electromagnetic pulse (EMP) over the United States.

The deaths, the two national security experts wrote, would result from the starvation and societal collapse which follows an EMP knocking out the national electric grid and other life-sustaining critical infrastructure for over a year.

“Two North Korean satellites, the KMS-3 and KMS-4, presently orbit over the U.S. on trajectories consistent with surprise EMP attack,” Woolsey and Pry wrote.

In February and March of 2015, a Congressional EMP Commission staffed by former senior national security officials from the Reagan and Clinton administrations warned that North Korea does possess the capability to deliver a small nuclear warhead by satellite to carry out an EMP attack against America.

The Commission warned that the after effects of this attack would result in the deaths of 9 out of 10 Americans.

This exact scenario was depicted in the 2016 film Amerigeddon, where a ‘false-flag’ event involving a satellite detonated electromagnetic pulse causes a nation-wide blackout over North America, and subsequently leads to the declaration of martial law. 

The term false flag, which derives its origin from 18th century naval privateer warfare, describes a covert operation that is designed to frame blame on an entity, group, or nation unassociated with the offensive action.

During an interview with TRUNEWS in June 2016, Amerigeddon director Mike Norris said, “It’s very important that people understand out there that our government isn't really out there to help us, our government is really taking our people and our citizens down a very dark and ugly path.”

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