Franklin Graham: Charlie Gard Situation is ‘Unfathomable’

Franklin Graham: Charlie Gard Situation is ‘Unfathomable’
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Franklin Graham called the Charlie Gard Situation ‘Unfathomable’ as baby Gard was denied the right to come to the U.S. for treatment

Franklin Graham commenting on the Charlie Gard situation said that this illustrates ‘one of the dangers of socialized medicine’. Graham said it was ‘unfathomable’ that Charlie Gard is being denied the right to be brought to the U.S. for treatment.

Franklin Graham, the son of the famous Billy Graham, took to his Facebook to let the world know just how he feels.

Here is his post.

As a parent and a grandparent, this is so alarming. Little Charlie Gard’s parents deserve the right to bring him to the U.S. to try to find treatment for him—that shouldn’t even have to be discussed! It’s their prerogative. That the U.K. hospital or the government would not allow them to make the decisions about Charlie’s life and medical care is unfathomable. Days and days have passed that he could’ve been being treated here in America—this is a tragedy. They have now delivered a petition with 350,000 signatures to the hospital, saying that they should release Charlie as the parents request. This is one of the dangers of socialized medicine. We need to stay as far away from this as possible here in the United States as healthcare is reorganized! Charlie’s case may be back in court today, so join me in praying for him and for his mom and dad, Connie Yates and Chris Gard. Let them know you're praying in the comments below.”


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