Freemason Satanists Held Demonic “Last Supper” in Anglican Church

Have you heard about the Anglican church which allowed a Satanic fashion show to take place in their sanctuary? 

VERO BEACH, FL (TruNews) As it turns out, it wasn't the first English church an occult worshipping celebrity designer was allowed to desecrate, and the events actually have deep underpinnings to Freemasonry, an organization which has been dedicated since its inception to destroy Christianity.

Dilara Findikoglu, the Turkish designer behind the demonic performance inside London’s historic St. Andrew Holborn church, was welcomed in September 2015 by a neighboring Anglican Church, St. Giles-In-The-Fields, to host an occultist rendition of “The Last Supper.”

As part of a photoshoot of Ms. Findikoglu’s 2016 fashion line, the sanctuary of St. Giles-In-The-Fields was transformed into a graveyard, and the last meal of Our Savior Jesus Christ before His cruxifixction and glorious resurrection, was depicted mockingly as a ceremony of death.

On the invitations for this Babylonian display, Ms. Findikoglu used the seal of a Scottish Rite 33rd Degree Freemason, which contains black and white checkerboard floors, an archway engraved with Masonic symbology and an all seeing eye dawned by the words “Order Out of Chaos” in Latin.

Interestingly, both of the churches Ms. Findikoglu chose as venues contain black and white checkerboard floors, a symbol commonly used throughout all Freemason lodges to show their belief in the duality of light and darkness, and to depict their interpretation of King Solomon’s Temple.

Aside from the clearly Masonic symbology displayed on Ms. Findikoglu’s models, there is one other major connection to Freemasonry.

Reverend Jonathan Baker, the Vicar of the church which hosted the satanic fashion show, was himself a Freemason up until 2011, when he allegedly resigned to quell fierce public condemnation over the discovery of his membership to the Jeroboam worshiping death cult.

The Freemason Link to London’s Satanic Fashion Show

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