Greenblatt: New PA Government Must Renounce Violence

Greenblatt: New PA Government Must Renounce Violence
U.S. Middle East Peace Envoy Jason Greenblatt visited Gaza in August to see the security situation there. Tuesday, the Palestinian Authority held its Cabinet meeting there, building hope that it may soon regain control over the region, setting all sides on a path that leads to peace.

U.S. Middle East peace envoy Jason Greenblatt took to his boss’ favorite outlet, Twitter, and expressed his hopes—and an admonition—for the efforts to unify the Palestinians under a single government.

His statement read:

As the Palestinian Authority Cabinet visits Gaza today in preparation for its October 3 cabinet meeting, the United States welcomes efforts to create the conditions for the Palestinian Authority to fully assume its responsibilities in Gaza, as noted in the September 28 Quartet statement. We will be watching these developments closely, while pressing forward with the Palestinian Authority, Israel, and international donors to try to improve the humanitarian situation in Gaza. The United States stresses that any Palestinian government must unambiguously and explicitly commit to nonviolence, recognition of the State of Israel, acceptance of previous agreements and obligations between the parties, and peaceful negotiations.

Greenblatt has said he believes all of the sides are very close to putting together a lasting peace agreement.

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