IBM Pushes Forward on Next Generation Quantum Computing

(VERO BEACH,FLA)  IBM is building the first universal Cloud-based quantum computers for business and science use, able to perform calculations not possible with conventional computers.

What does the next generation of quantum computers look like?  IBM is revealing their latest developments on the frontiers of computer science.  Standard computers process information as zeros and ones, but quantum computers use quantum bits - or qubits - that can assume multiple states simultaneously.

"A quantum computer has the potential to be what we know as exponentially faster than any classical computer. That means that not only can it be faster but it can solve certain problems that can never be solved on a classical computer."  - Stefan Filipp, Staff Reasearcher at IBM

This week IBM announced an upgrade to its 5 qubit processor to 16 quibits, allowing for more complex experiments.

It's now aiming for 50 superconducting qubits.

Quantum computing's benefit to humaity could eventually be huge, including helping to develop new medicines.

"Instead of going into the lab and trying out a thousand different options for finding the right properties of a chemical, you can just use a quantum computer which can try out all these different properties at once to find the right composition... We can solve certain problems like molecular chemistry problems within a reasonable timescale without have to wait for billions of years for the answer." - Stefan Filipp, Staff Reasearcher at IBM

A quantum processor in your laptop, though, is highly unlikely.

TECHNOCRATS VERSUS GOD:  Rick Wiles discusses how the development of a real-time language translation device is an effective reversal of God's scattering of humanity at the Tower of Babel.

Preserving the quantum states means protecting them from outside vibration or heat.

In this tank, the superconductors are chilled to 15 miliKelvin. That's colder than outer space.

For now, IBM's Cloud-based quantum computer allows anyone from students to researchers to log on and practice building simple quantum algorithms.

Reuters News, TRUNEWS Commentary

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