Iran Vows to Support Palestinians Against Israel

Iran Vows to Support Palestinians Against Israel
Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps has pledged to help Hamas and Hezbollah in their fight against Israel and to "defend" the al-Aqsa mosque located on the Temple Mount.

Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps announced Tuesday it will defend the Palestinians if an armed conflict breaks out with Israel. By “Palestinians,” they mean Hezbollah and Hamas.

One day after Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah called for “a unified strategy” amongst the “resistance” groups in the Middle East, he received a phone call from IRGC commander Brig. Gen. Qassem Soleimani in which the latter pledged his support. Although Arab news reports don’t provide details, “defense” of the al-Aqsa mosque located at the Temple Mount was also discussed. The mosque is considered by Muslims to be the third-holiest site in Islam. Soleimani has previously threatened U.S. forces positioned in Syria and Iraq. Now he’s threatening Israel.

Here at home, both Democrats and establishment Republicans are still attacking the president's decision to move the  U.S. embassy to Jerusalem. In an interview with Bloomberg, former Defense Secretary Robert Gates, who served both the Bush and Obama administrations, said the Trump Declaration was “counter-productive to the administration’s own objectives.” He also said it “makes it much tougher to try and get any kind of political progress.” He added the decision is more likely to fuel additional conflict in the Middle East, possibly leading to war.

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