Israel pushes for official control of Syria’s Golan Heights

Israel pushes for official control of Syria’s Golan Heights
FILE PHOTO: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attends a cabinet meeting in Jerusalem March 16, 2017. REUTERS/Amir Cohen/File Photo

On Tuesday Netanyahu’s Deputy Minister of Diplomacy said its time for the world to recognize the Golan Heights as part of Israel

(VERO BEACH, FL) Speaking at seminar hosted in Jerusalem jointly by the Jerusalem Institute for Policy Research and The Israel Project, Michael Oren, who works in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government office, said Israeli control of the Golan Heights protects the entire surrounding region from ISIS.

“Without Israel there [in the Golan], the region would be jeopardized, Oren said. “ISIS would be on the Kinneret.” 

Oren also argued that “other states” in the region, likely referring to Jordan and Gulf State nations, are glad Israel is occupying the Golan Heights, and highlighted that the territories unofficial annexation was “one of several important outcomes of the 1967 war still felt today.”

Oren added that the issue of sovereignty negotiations with the Golan Heights differs from that of the Palestinian goal for a two state solution because “there is no Syria to negotiate with,” inferring that nation is a failed state.

According to the Jerusalem Post, the seminar Oren spoke at is focused on the lasting domestic and geopolitical impact of the “Six-Day War”, which was fought 50 years ago against Egypt, Syria, Jordan and Iraq.

TRUNEWS previously revealed that Israel’s determination for international recognition of their control over the Golan Heights has more than a defensive security motivation, but rather, a crucial economic factor which could grant Israel energy independence for the next 100 years.

A company named Genie Energy, with major investors and advisors such as Lord Rothschild, former VP Dick Cheney and news mogul Rupert Murdoch, was granted sole rights to drill in the Golan Heights by Israel in 2013.

TRUNEWS discovered that there are distinct ties between Genie Energy, Goldman Sachs, and Israel along with the emerging globalist faction of Trump’s administration, led by Orthodox Jew and Netanyahu associate Jared Kushner, and his wife Ivanka Trump.


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