Jezebel Is Going Down!

Jezebel Is Going Down!

Christian talk show host releases specific prayer less than 24 hours before polls open on Election Day, Hillary's weapons Will Not Prosper!

Laura Densmore believes Hillary is fully energized by a Jezebel spirit. Just like the original Jezebel, who was all about kingdom building for her husband Ahab, she says Hillary is kingdom building for her husband, Satan himself. The Hebrew Nation Radio host would not be the first or only one to say this. Back in 1992 Bishop Perry Stone believes he received similar word regarding both Hillary and Bill Clinton. More recent claims have also been documented. Densmore points out that the exposure of satanic rituals and "spirit cooking" in recent headlines reveal an evil plan to control the United States. She further explains that it fulfills Revelation 17: 1-6, where the mystery Babylon woman ( filled with a Jezebel spirit)  is drinking from the golden cup filled with abominations and the filthiness of her whoring, as she gets drunk on the blood of the saints. The prayer released by Densmore is very aggressive and direct in it's requests to The Lord, and she hopes that Christians all over the nation and the world pray and share it even during Election Day. 


Original copy Hebrew Nation Radio/ TRUNEWS analysis. 

Article by Fior Hernandez, Correspondent for TRUNEWS

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