Las Vegas Shooting Lawsuits Piling Up

Las Vegas Shooting Lawsuits Piling Up
Victims of the Las Vegas mass shooting and their families have filed a number of lawsuits seeking compensation for mental and physical injuries.

The lawsuits following last month’s mass shooting at the Route 91 Harvest country music festival adjacent to the Mandalay Bay casino and hotel in Las Vegas are piling up.

According to several news reports, 14 civil lawsuits have been filed in federal court so far on behalf of the victims of the worst mass shooting in U.S. history, as well as some of their survivors. Defendants in the cases range from organizers of the music festival, the hotel from which Stephen Paddock opened fire, and the manufacturer of the bump stock he reportedly used to increase the number of shots fired in short order.

The organizers are accused of not providing adequately marked exits. MGM, owner of the Mandalay Bay, is accused of not having adequate security measures. Texas-based Slide Fire is accused of marketing its bump stock—ostensibly meant to aid shooters with disabilities—to the general public as a means to make a semiautomatic rifle fire at a rate more closely resembling a fully automatic machine gun.

Paddock is also identified as a defendant in an effort to seek damages from his estate. He reportedly shot and killed himself before law enforcement officials stormed his hotel room.

The plaintiffs in the cases don’t specify damages sought, but say they seek compensation for “physical and mental injuries.” In one case, one of the victims said she now mistakes rainfall for shots being fired, terrorizing her anytime a storm brews outside.

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