Majority of Detained Saudis Agree to Monetary Demands

Majority of Detained Saudis Agree to Monetary Demands
Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman got good news Tuesday after it was announced by the kingdom's attorney general that a majority of those detained in his crackdown on corruption had accepted financial settlements.

Saudi Arabian Attorney General Sheikh Saud Al-Mujib has released his first statement more than a month after the kingdom’s Supreme Anti-Corruption Committee conducted its crackdown on over than 300 princes, ministers, and businessmen.

The kingdom’s state-run Saudi Press Agency released the full statement, saying 320 had been subpoenaed of which 159 remain incarcerated. That means a majority of those detained “agreed to a settlement”—effectively returning vast sums of their personal wealth back into the kingdom’s treasury.

“As a precautionary measure,” the bank accounts of 376 individuals were frozen, but the attorney general confirmed all assets were being protected for others who are supposed to have access to them. He said the process involves two phases—negotiation and settlement followed by transfer to public prosecution—and is already well under way.

The first phase is expected to be completed within the next few weeks. The second will then begin with no detention to continue beyond six months without a court order.

The statement also states:

The Attorney General reiterates that the Law of Criminal Procedures guarantees defendant’s rights, such as the right to an attorney during the processes of investigation and prosecution, the right to contact any person to inform of his detention and the right not to be detained for more than six months except by court order issued by the relevant court. The Law of Criminal Procedures also prohibits subjecting the detainee to any harm.

It has been reported that the kingdom might recoup as much as $800 billion as part of this crackdown. Other reports state many of the detainees were tortured by "American mercenaries."

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