Mario Murillo at Flowing Streams Church

There is Power in the Living Word of God! Evangelist Mario Murillo comes to Flowing Streams Church this Sunday February 19th, Come expecting a mighty move of God in your life.

Flowing Streams Church has kicked off 2017 in a powerful way to say the least. We have a new location in Vero Beach and after hosting the XO Marriage conference last weekend, we are ready to continue flowing mightily this weekend with Evangelist Mario Murillo as a guest preacher on Sunday February 19th. During his years in ministry, he has stood up to gangsters, politicians and religious leaders with a boldness that only God can give. His first interview with Rick Wiles back in 2014 was dynamic and he has been a guest on TRUNEWS several times.  

Mario Murillo: “Well in the last 4 years, I believe Satan has helped build certain churches”.

The dialogue between Murillo and Wiles never ceases to stir the pot of comfort even many Christians are simmering in. 

Rick Wiles: “Anybody gonna tell me that the men who died in World War II were fighting for same sex marriage, are you really going to tell me that’s why they died”.

Mario Murillo: “Absolutely not, and I’ll take it one step further, I don’t believe that Dr. Martin Luther King marched one foot for that right”.

Murillo's testimony is said to defy all odds. He was born in San Francisco California and started preaching during the violent student revolution in Berkeley. 

Mario Murillo: “We would walk on the campus, we would minister to the people and I would get a word of knowledge … walk up to a complete stranger and hit him with a word from the Lord”.

For years this evangelist has preached the unadulterated Word of God, unashamed and unapologetic. The ministry is based out of Reno Nevada and he travels the world. 

Mario Murillo: “Not here to preach on dating, dieting or mood control, but to make you armed and dangerous. Somebody help me right now”.

Mario Murillo: “And he looks at me and I hit him, you know full well .. you’d give up your money, you’d give up your mailing list, you’d give up all of this slick thing you do for one miracle a year like what you’ve just seen. I said I don’t care who you are, I don’t care if you are a millionaire, I don’t care if you are the most fanatically blessed person on earth, there’s something about watching God do a miracle in a human life.”

Murillo believes in the great harvest of the last days, supernatural manifestations and healing. Of course also believes in having his steps ordered by The Lord. 

Mario Murillo: “I don’t go anywhere except where I’m told to go. I don’t have a career to defend a calendar to fill, I have a God to serve and obey”.  

This Sunday his steps have been ordered to Flowing Streams Church at 6 p.m. We are located at 2355 82nd Avenue in
Vero Beach, FL. Come ready to be transformed by undeniable truth!

Mario Murillo: “There’s something I need you do, I need you to realize that the election of Donald Trump is not a cure all, it is a foot in the door.

Mario Murillo: “How many of you want to get busy right now in the prophetic word of God? Let’s get busy!”.


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