May Suffers Brexit Humiliation

May Suffers Brexit Humiliation
British Prime Minister Theresa May suffered her first legislative defeat, a humiliating loss over her Brexit negotiations, on the eve of a trip to Brussels for a European Council meeting.

British Prime Minister Theresa May suffered a humiliating setback in Parliament Wednesday after several Conservative MPs disobeyed her direct orders and voted for a measure that gives the legislative the final OK on the terms of Brexit.

While that might sound like a good deal, it should be noted the majority of House of Commons members are “Remainers” likely to alter the Brexit deal May cobbled together with European Union negotiators, or will scrap it altogether. A vote in the next few days was expected to set the formal leave date as March 29, 2019.

The defeat, 309-305, was due to 11 Remainers from the prime minister’s own party who broke ranks and voted with the minority. It was May’s first legislative defeat since become premier, and came just hours before she was scheduled to fly to Brussels for a meeting of the European Council.

Conservative Party Brexiteers demanded their colleagues be punished for their insubordination, ranging from “deselection”—comparable to expulsion from Congress in the U.S.—to complete removal from the party. At least one minister was fired for siding with the opposition.

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