Nationalist Bannon Unites With Globalist Kissinger

Nationalist Bannon Unites With Globalist Kissinger
Breitbart News Chairman Steve Bannon and former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger have reportedly met several times to discuss the threat posed by China.

Few people on the planet understand Communist China as well as former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, who seemingly wears the “globalist” label as a badge of honor.

Breitbart News Chairman Steve Bannon is also well versed in Generational Dynamics, and has been framing the current brewing conflict between China and the U.S. is a “war.” Breitbart national security columnist John Xenakis wrote:

I’ve worked with Steve Bannon off and on for almost ten years.

Bannon frames the conflict with China in economic terms. He says that China is harming the U.S. by engaging in unfair trade practices, such as the forced transfer of U.S. technology to Chinese companies. According to Bannon, China’s historical disposition toward trading partners is exploitative and potentially ruinous …

What does Henry Kissinger think of all this? As it happens, Kissinger spoke at a Columbia University conference earlier this week. Possibly with his meetings with Bannon in mind, his speech emphasized that America and China must have been economic relations to avoid World War III and global destruction …

Bannon and Kissinger share the view that China and America are headed for a world war, and both of them are (in my view) desperately looking for a way to avoid it, by means of an economic alliance.

Generational Dynamics is a worldview, coined by Xenakis, that sees human history as a series of cycles. It's been used by its adherents to explain and predict periods of conflict or emerging problems the world might face.

The columnist also wrote that based on Generational Dynamics, “avoiding this world war is impossible.” He noted that in every century going back for millennia, every continent has had “massive wars that have killed half the population,” and the probability of it happening in the 21st century is 100 percent.

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