Netanyahu Proclaims World Must Act Now Against Iran

“Act Now Against Iran”

That was the war cry of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as he spoke publicly for the first time since the execution of two airstrikes against Iranian and Syrian targets in Syria.

Prime Minister Netanyahu also said Israel will not allow Iran to establish military bases in Syria and called on the world to halt their development of ballistic missiles, nuclear power and its support of global terrorism.

As part of the speech, Israel’s leader predicted that without foreign intervention Iran would possess nuclear weapons by 2027, and urged diplomats in attendance to pressure  action from their government officials.

Additionally, Prime Minister Netanyahu claimed Hamas and Hezbollah would “not last a day” without Iran’s help, and indicated Israel will not wait to attack its enemies.

In the past week one Iranian military base and a military research center in Syria have reportedly been struck by missiles fired from Israeli fighter jets.

Israel has not confirmed participation in these attacks, but Russian officials have named the Jewish enclave as the culprit.

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