NK Ambassador: Sanctions Won’t Deter Nuclear Ambitions

NK Ambassador: Sanctions Won’t Deter Nuclear Ambitions
North Korea's ambassador to Russia said his country will not be deterred from its goal of achieving nuclear-tipped ICBMs by the latest round of United Nations sanctions.

North Korea's ambassador to Russia said it as "an illusion" to think new United Nations sanctions would deter his country from its nuclear weapons ambitions.

Ambassador Kim Yong-jae told the Russian media Tuesday evening:

"We have lived under US sanctions for decades. Under the harshest of sanctions. But we have acquired everything we wanted to. If the US hopes that our position would be shaken and changed, that is an illusion …

The sanctions resolution of the UN Security Council has been forced by the US, which uses the council as a tool, and is illegal. We fully reject and strongly condemn this resolution. Instead of acknowledging the reality and making the right choice, the US is using our most justified measures of self-defense to try and strangle our country."

Kim added that North Korea’s nuclear weapons and missile programs are meant to deter the “hostile policy of the U.S.” and protect the Korean Peninsula from a nuclear war.

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