North Korea nukes an American city in new propaganda video

On Saturday North Korea released a propaganda video showing an ICBM destroying an American city 

(VERO BEACH, FL) Pyongyang debuted this shocking depiction during their “Day of the Sun” festival on April 15th, which celebrates North Korea’s founding dictator Kim Il-sung.

The video begins by showing a surfaced submarine sailing toward a target. The scene then shifts to show the launching of multiple missiles into the air, along with a mobile ballistic missile launch vehicle driving on a road. The missiles with Korean writing on their sides are then shown striking what appears to be either New York City or Washington, DC, with the backdrop of a military orchestra playing triumphant music.

The performance ends with a large explosive cloud then panned to a graveyard with crosses with an American flag consumed by fire.

The singing in the video was performed by Kim Jung-un’s Korean State Merited Chorus, which included in their song lyrics about North Korea’s Hwasong missiles “blasting off to challenge American imperialism.” 

According to The Mirror the video was designed to demonstrate the power and strength of the North Korean army.

On Sunday North Korea attempted to launch a missile from Sinpo, the home of North Korea’s submarine fleet. The missile subsequently exploded on the launch pad, and reports have circulated that the U.S. may caused the malfunction through a sophisticated cyber attack.

Experts have warned that a submarine launched ballistic missile (SLBM) is the most likely and hardest to defeat deployment method North Korea could utilize. During North Korea's military parade on Saturday the DPRK showcased what appeared to be SLBMs and mobile launched missiles.


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