Officials Confirm Mystery ‘White Aircraft’ Incident

Officials Confirm Mystery ‘White Aircraft’ Incident
Commercial airliners flying over southern Oregon last month saw a mystery aircraft, but it was not showing up on their radar and didn't have a working transponder. NORAD and the FAA have confirmed the incident, which resulting in two F-15s being scrambled to investigate.

Several aircraft made radar and visual contact with an unidentified aircraft last month as it flew north out of California and into Oregon, prompting NORAD to scramble to F-15s to investigate in what is becoming a increasingly disturbing mystery.

TheDrive blog featured a report about the incident, which happened in broad daylight on Oct. 25 and has been confirmed by both NORAD and the Federal Aviation Administration. According to those reports, a “white aircraft”—one that is not reporting any identifying information and has its transponder turned off or malfunctioning—was observed over southern Oregon, traveling at the same altitude as commercial aircraft (approximately 35,000 to 37,000 ft.)

None of the aircraft that saw it on their radars, or made visual contact, were able to get close enough to identify its type. Two F-15C interceptors from the 142nd Flight Wing based in Portland were directed to investigate, but according to NORAD, they did not find the aircraft.

According to the blog report, several pilots and air traffic controllers have been discussing the incident on Reddit, while the author has filed Freedom of Information Act requests for details about the incident. Audio recordings of the air traffic control communications from that day also confirm the incident occurred.

The blog concludes the aircraft could have been a secret military test aircraft, or drug runners, but noted that operating in broad daylight in close proximity to commercial airliners would be strange. However, it wouldn’t necessarily be so strange if it wasn’t an American secret military test aircraft.

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