Pagan Store Opens in Kansas

Pagan Store Opens in Kansas
Lawrence, Kan., a city of about 95,000 population in the northeast part of the state, has a growing pagan influence, which has led to the opening of a pagan supply store there.

Main Street USA in recent years has become a revolving door of sorts for mom-and-pop shops struggling to make a buck and survive to the next day.

In Lawrence, Kan., after a locally owned video and video game store closed its doors, another shop soon took up residence. This time, it was a “religious supply store,” but probably not for any religion you might imagine.

As the local newspaper’s “Town Talk” columnist, Chad Lawhorn reports:

The store sells supplies for Wicca and other pagan religions. And it is not new at it, either. The store is the Village Witch, which previously was located in North Lawrence in a stone building a couple of doors down from Johnny’s Tavern. Owner Kerry Johnson said the store had been in the North Lawrence location for about 10 years. Pagan religion, it seems, is not a passing fad.

Lawhorn reports the shop’s owner says it sells “a lot of candles and incense, which can be used in ceremonial rituals, including the casting of spells.” It also sells books, tarot cards, statuettes of gods and goddesses, cauldrons and ritual knives.

The report concludes that witchcraft in Lawrence, a city of about 95,000 people in the northeastern part of Kansas, is on the rise.

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