President Trump: Target Fake News Nets’ Local Affiliates

President Trump: Target Fake News Nets’ Local Affiliates
President Donald Trump has suggested challenging the broadcast licenses of local affiliates of "fake news" networks in a new tweet that has already enraged the liberal mainstream media.

In a tweet sure to get the liberal mainstream media boiling hot, President Donald Trump suggested that at some point it might be worthwhile to challenge the broadcast licenses of local affiliates of “fake news” networks.

The president tweeted Wednesday morning:

What the president was alluding to is the Federal Communications Commission license that over-the-air broadcasters must have before they can send out their signal. In the U.S., all broadcast frequencies are “owed” by the public with certain bands set aside for emergency communications, some for military, and some for broadcasting.

Cable and online broadcasters also face similar licensing requirements.

FCC licensing is a complex process, but the bottom line is a requirement to “serve the public interest.” The president is making the commonsense argument that disseminating “fake news” fails to meet that requirement. It also demonstrates his understanding that local affiliates carry tremendous weight with ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC.

The liberal media is already lashing out, calling it an attack on the First Amendment and an effort to promote censorship, notwithstanding their own efforts to do the same via social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

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