Professor Says Pro-life Fetal Images Are Child Pornography

Professor Says Pro-life Fetal Images Are Child Pornography
Screenshot of YouTube video by Created Equal Films of debate at Purdue University.

The new argument a professor is making out of Purdue University is not only confusing and contradicting but doesn't even help to support his Pro-choice agenda. Dr. David Sanders now accuses a pro-choice organization of "child pornography" for using images of dead fetuses as a rhetorical device during a debate at Purdue University. Who thinks to consider the images of an unborn child as pornographic? Who thinks to make a connection between child pornography and the preservation of life? Dr. David Sanders does and perhaps didn't even think that by doing so he would support the Pro-life argument because he didn't call it "fetus or zygote pornography", he called it child. 

The Daily Caller reports on the April 24th debate hosted by the Boilermakers for Life student organization, David Sanders, an associate professor of Biology at Purdue, accused his interlocutor of “child pornography” for showing “images of fetuses” when defending his pro-life views.

"Because they’re naked" is just part of his rant on this alleged argument. He walked up the steps of the auditorium very aggressive delivering his message. Sanders was really trying to drive his point home to the students present. Well, in his "well thought out" address, the esteemed professor missed one little detail. Did he say “fetus pornography”? Did he say “clump-of-cells pornography”? No. He said “child pornography.” An abortion enthusiast just conceded the argument. It’s not a choice, it’s a child.

This must not feel so good right now for this professor, certainly a blow to his liberal argument and perhaps pride. Below is the entire debate and at about 38:07 time code you can hear for yourself the establishing argument Dr. Sanders poses to accuse Pro-life organizations of child pornography.

The Daily Caller copy / TRUNEWS contribution. 

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