Rand Paul’s Neighbors Rip ‘Landscaping Dispute’ Reports

Rand Paul’s Neighbors Rip ‘Landscaping Dispute’ Reports
Sen. Rand Paul's injuries were much more severe than originally reported following an assault that took place Friday at his home in Bowling Green, Ky. His injuries include fluid filling up around one of his lungs.

Following reports of an alleged “landscaping dispute” in the liberal mainstream media that can only be described as victim blaming, a group of Sen. Rand Paul’s neighbors is defending him as a good neighbor.

USAToday published a report Tuesday in which the neighborhood’s developer described the senator as a difficult person to deal with because he's a property-rights zealot. In emails and interviews with Breitbart News, several of his neighbors said any effort to characterize the situation beyond a senseless act of violence is “irresponsible and unnecessary.”

"The Pauls are and always have been great neighbors and friends. They take pride in their property and maintain it accordingly. Rand has enjoyed working on and maintaining his lawn for as long as I have known him," Friend and neighbor Travis Creed said. "He was attacked on his property for no apparent reason and suffered serious injury. That is the only fact known at this time."


:Between us, my husband and I have served four years on the neighborhood homeowners association board and we are unaware of any conflict or complaints from Dr. Boucher regarding the Pauls," another neighbor, Alicia Stivers, added. "Whatever the ‘reason’ for this attack on Rand, there is absolutely no justification for Dr. Boucher’s behavior."

Paul provided the following update on his condition, following a second examination Wednesday afternoon:

A pleural effusion is the buildup of fluid between the lungs and the pleura, the tissue that lines the lungs. The buildup of fluid limits the lung’s ability to expand and makes it much more difficult to breathe.

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