Record-Breaking DaVinci Painting Headed to Dubai

Record-Breaking DaVinci Painting Headed to Dubai
Leonardo DaVinci's "Salvator Mundi" Painting, which sold last month at Christie's for a record-shattering $450 million, will soon be on display at the Louvre Abu Dhabi in Dubai.

A 500-year-old Leonardo DaVinci paining of Jesus, purchased for $450 million last month at auction by a “little known Saudi prince,” will soon go on display at the new Louvre Abu Dhabi in Dubai.

“Salvator Mundi”—Latin for “Savior of the World”—is one of only 20 known DaVinci works still in existence, and the only one in private hands. The museum announced the newest piece of its collection in a statement Wednesday.

The museum is not a recreation of the Musee de Louvre outside Paris, which was the pinnacle of the French Enlightenment, “bringing together monuments to all the sciences and arts.” Rather, the new museum, which also opened to the public last month, is an extension of its “universalism” philosophy.

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