Report: U.S. Banks Conspired Against Russia

Report: U.S. Banks Conspired Against Russia
World-renowned investment analyst Martin Armstrong claims U.S. banks concocted a plan, using then-President Boris Yeltsin as a scapegoat, to financially overthrow Russia.

According to a Russian media report, a number of U.S. banks “plotted in a financial coup” to take over Russia and overthrow its government.

In an interview with the Sputnik news agency, U.S. financial analyst Martin Armstrong claims to have information about the conspiracy, which he said was aimed at making Russia “dependent on U.S. money in the long term.” He said Russian billionaire and oligarch Boris Berezovsky played a leading role, as did Edmond Safra, the head of the Republic National Bank of New York and the Hermitage Capital investment firm founded by William Browder. Browder was recently convicted in absentia of tax fraud in a Russian court. He also has played a major role in debunking liberal claims related to the “Russia Narrative.”

Armstrong added:

"Whether the US government was involved, I'm not entirely sure. But the bankers definitely were. And what they were after is basically they got [then-President Boris] Yeltsin to steal effectively $7 billion from IMF loans."

Armstrong claims New York bankers tried to get him to invest in Hermitage Capital, but he declined to do so. He also tried to blow the whistle on the scheme, but found himself the target of the Deep State. He claims his imprisonment from 1999 to 2011 was directly related to his efforts to expose the conspiracy.

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