Rick Wiles leaves GOP in protest of Deep State coup

Rick Wiles leaves GOP in protest of Deep State coup
Rick Wiles, host of TRUNEWS

President Trump’s bombing of Syria was the ‘last straw’ for a conservative Christian radio host.  Rick Wiles, longtime host of the popular weekday TRUNEWS radio program, accused President Trump of betraying the voters who elected him last November.  

(Vero Beach, Florida) Pastor Wiles said, “The Deep State coup succeeded in overturning the populist revolt of the American people.  It appears that President Trump surrendered to the Goldman Sachs war lords. We’re going to war with Russia, China, and Iran unless God intervenes to stop it. Our leaders are madmen. This is insanity.”

The TRUNEWS host said he is no longer a member of the Republican Party. He is now a registered independent voter in the state of Florida. 

“I’m finished playing games with the Republican Party elite. President Trump has no intention of draining the swamp. In fact, he is now swimming with cunning crocodiles,” said the Vero Beach pastor.

Pastor Wiles said he hopes millions of Christians will leave both the Republican and Democratic parties before the 2018 midterm elections, but he fears it may be too late. 

“The Russians were conducting massive civil defense drills last fall in anticipation of Hillary Clinton winning and the US and Russia going to war.  Millions of Christians fasted, prayed, and pleaded with God to grant a divine reprieve to America.  God graciously responded by granting our request, but American Christians promptly went back to sleep and allowed the Goldman Sachs snakes to slither back into the White House,” lamented the Biblically conservative preacher.  “We are now racing toward World War III.  It’s the same path the Deep State charted for Hillary Clinton’s presidency.  I’m not confident God will grant us another reprieve.  He may satisfy our nation’s bloodlust for war. It will be a horrible disaster.” 

According to Rev. Wiles, the United States of America is controlled by a shadow government that includes Goldman Sachs bankers, defense contractors, billionaires whose business model requires perpetual wars, Pentagon war hawks, intelligence agencies, neocon think tanks, and the establishment news media. 

“The voters courageously mustered the strength last November to overthrow this evil cabal,” said Rev. Wiles.  “The cabal was momentarily stunned, but quickly regrouped and launched a massive counter-offensive against the populist revolt that elected Donald Trump.  The counter-offensive was a masterful psychological warfare operation that accused Vladimir Putin of ‘hacking’ the U.S. election.  There was not a shred of evidence, but the news media and puppet politicians repeated the mantra for months.”

The TRUNEWS host said he was shocked to hear reports that Ivanka Trump Kushner is the person who persuaded the President to bomb Syria.

  “Daughter Ivanka is whispering in her father’s ear to bomb nations.  She and husband Jared are a dangerous duo in the White House.  Christians must pray them out of Washington before it is too late,” said Pastor Wiles. 

Pastor Wiles launched his Christian newscast in 1999. Today, it is the most popular Christian news program in the world. The weekday program originates from Flowing Streams Church in Vero Beach, Florida.

TRUNEWS is currently building, equipping, and staffing its new television studio. The church expects to launch a television version of Trunews in early July 2017.


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