Russia Takes Out Syrian ‘Militants’

Russia Takes Out Syrian ‘Militants’
Using Krasnopol high-precision artillery shells, the Russian Defense Ministry is reporting it destroyed bases connected to two terrorist attacks on its military installations in Syria in the past two weeks.

Russia’s state-run TASS news agency has reported that the Russian military conducted a “high-precision” strike on the “subversive militants” who attacked its Hmeymim air base in Syria on Dec. 31, wiping out the entire group.

According to the report, Russian special operation forces located the Islamist terrorists near the western border of the Idlib province. As they arrived at the facility to board a van, they were struck with a Krasnopol high-precision shell.

In what was described as a “multilevel military operation,” the Russian Defense Ministry claimed to have located and destroyed a “fixed wing drone assembly and storage” facility in the Idlib province. The facility also was reportedly destroyed with a Krasnopol artillery munition.

It is believed the facility was used to construct the “drone swarm” used in the Jan. 6 attack on the Hmeymim air base and Tartus naval supply base. The ministry reportedly told TASS that attack was launched from the area of Muazzar located in the southwestern part of Idlib, in one of the designated “de-escalation zones” held by U.S.-backed Syrian rebels.

The Russian reports did not mention the U.S. as being potentially involved in the attacks.

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