San Andreas Fault Triggers 4.6M Earthquake

San Andreas Fault Triggers 4.6M Earthquake
San Francisco felt shaking Monday from a 4.6-magnitude earthquake that struck Monterey County, more than 90 miles away.

Californians in the eastern Monterey County community of Gonzales were shaken by a 4.6-magnitude earthquake late Monday morning that rattled residents more than 90 miles away in San Francisco.

Monterey, Morgan Hill, and San Jose were all impacted, as well. A meteorologist at the National Weather Service in Monterey, Steve Anderson, told the San Francisco Chronicle newspaper:

It lasted about five seconds. There was a little bump and then a rolling motion. One of my colleagues said it made him feel seasick.

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the temblor struck at 11:31 a.m. about 13 miles northeast of Gonzales at a depth of about four miles. It was followed by nine smaller aftershocks ranging from 2.4-magnitude to 2.8.

According to the Chronicle, USGS seismologist Annemarie Baltay said the quake originated on the San Andreas fault near a point where it branches with another fault line. She told the newspaper it was unlikely the main quake was a harbinger of a “big one” that might strike the region.

She categorized the quake as “typical behavior.” The area has seen about 50 temblors over the past decade, with the most recent large-scale event being another 4.6-magnitude quake in 2011.

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