Scientists Say Earth Approaching ‘Mini Ice Age’

Scientists Say Earth Approaching ‘Mini Ice Age’
Scientists are now predicting the world is about to plunge into a "mini ice age" beginning in 2021.

A group of scientists is now warning the world could be hit by a “mini ice age” beginning in 2021 with drops in the global mean temperature that could last for more than three decades.

With “climate change” alarmists still screaming about “manmade global warming” and “carbon footprints,” British mathematician Valentina Zharkova at Northumbria University has built on previous research that predicts the movements of magnetic waves produced by the sun. Her team’s research has created a model that shows a substantial cooling of the planet in 2021, resulting in a “Maunder minimum”—the name given o the most recent mini ice age that occurred from 1646 to 1715.

Zharkova’s model shows an offset in the solar magnetic waves, eventually becoming out of sync, and reducing solar activity by as much as 60 percent. The magnetic waves will come back into sync sometime in the 2050s, disrupting weather patterns on Earth in the meantime. Major rivers, such as the Thames in the United Kingdom, and the Mississippi River in the U.S., could be frozen by the changing dynamic.

Zharkova claims her model has “97 percent accuracy,” in a summary published late last year by the peer-reviewed journal Astronomy & Geophysics. But, the mathematician is hardly a “climate denier.” In fact, she writes that she hopes this mini ice age gives the world “30 years to sort out our pollution.”

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