Seattle teacher calls for murder during BLM protest

Seattle teacher calls for murder during BLM protest
People march through downtown Seattle during a protest held in response to President Donald Trump's travel ban, in Seattle, Washington, U.S. January 29, 2017. REUTERS/David Ryder

A women claiming to be a preschool teacher in the Seattle area has called for the killing of people and The White House.

(WASHINGTON, DC) During an anti-Trump protest in Seattle this weekend, an activist associated with the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement took to the megaphone to voice her support for, among other things, “killing people,” and “killing the White House.”

While she said that, another protester can be heard saying, “Burn it!”

She also says, “White people, give your ******* money, your ******* house, your ******* property, we need it ******* all,” as another protester responds “reparations!”

“**** white supremacy, **** the U.S. empire, **** your imperialist *** lives. That **** gotta go.”

At 1:50 in the video clip, she goes, “And we need to start killing people. First off, we need to start killing the White House. The White House must die. The White House, your ******* White House, your ******* Presidents, they must go! **** the White House.”

“Pay the **** up, pay the **** up. It ain’t just your ******* time, its your ******* money, and now your ******* life is devoted to social change,” she said.

While speaking, she was wearing a jacket that said “Black Lives Matter” on the back.

According to the channel that uploaded the clip to YouTube, the activist who said these things is a pre-school teacher.

On Tuesday, a representative from the Intelligence Department of the U.S. Secret Service confirmed to TRUNEWS correspondent Edward Szall that they were aware of the incident, and have launched an active investigation to identify the women.

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