Sheriff: Paddock Shot Jesus Campos BEFORE Shooting Crowd

Sheriff: Paddock Shot Jesus Campos BEFORE Shooting Crowd
Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo (L), Mandalay Bay Security Guard Jesus Campos (R)

In a dramatic change to the official timeline, the Las Vegas Sheriff now says the unarmed security guard who authorities perviously stated was shot by Steven Paddock after he started his rampage, was actually shot six minutes before the attack on the crowd began

VERO BEACH, FL (TruNews) During the press conference Monday afternoon, Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo stated that the Mandalay Bay hotel security guard, Jesus Campos, was shot by Steven Paddock at 9:59 PM, six minutes before gunfire began raining down on the crowd at the Route 91 Harvest country-music festival.

“Yes, the timeline associated with the original shot and Mr. Campos has changed through investigation, and as I have conveyed to you from the very beginning, in your zest for information, in my zest to ensure the public safety and the calming of their minds, is somethings are going to change,” Sheriff Lombardo said.

“Now they are minute changes,” Sheriff Lombardo continued. “Ok, theres not this all encompassing answer associated with the information that we presented before, in other words, its not completely inaccurate, but what we have learned is that Mr. Campos was encountered by the suspect prior to his shooting into the outside world.”

This new information drastically changes the previously established timeline, and raises new questions about the actions taken by Jesus Campos, prior, during and after the shooting which killed 58, and injured 500 others.

According to the new details provided by Sheriff Lombardo, Campos had been previously dispatched near the 32nd floor to investigate an alarm which had been triggered by an open door. 

Upon coming in range of rooms 32134 and 32135, Sheriff Lombardo claims Steven Paddock unloaded a “mass volley” consisting of more than 200 rounds into the hallway, striking Campos once in the leg with a ricocheted bullet.

“Immediately upon being injured [Campos] notified security of his situation,” Sheriff Lombardo said, without clarifying to whom Campos had relayed this to, whether he had used his assigned security radio or a personal cell phone, and what he said in the transmission.

After being shot, Sheriff Lombardo said Campos retreated away from rooms 32134 and 32135 toward the elevator, and encountered an unnamed “maintenance worker,” who he subsequently prevented from entering the same hallway where he had been shot.

Confirming that Campos’ notification to hotel security had not been effectively forwarded to local law enforcement before, during or shortly after Paddock’s killing spree, Sheriff Lombardo said Monday that the impromptu SWAT team which initially breached Paddock’s 32nd floor room “didn't know” a hotel security guard had been shot until they met him in the hallway after exiting the elevator.

The following is a summary of the new official timeline, according to Sheriff Lombardo:

09:59 PM -
Paddock fires 200 rounds toward Jesus Campos, hitting him once. Campos relays incident to supervisors, retreats toward elevator and is met by an unnamed maintenance worker.

10:05 PM - Paddock begins firing on crowd.

10:15 PM - Paddock’s final shots were fired, 10 minutes after they began.

10:17 PM -  The first two officers arrived on the 32nd floor, meeting Campos by the elevator. Campos relayed Paddock’s room number at this time to a total of eight officers, including LVWPD SWAT officers, who had arrived on the floor.

10:26 to 10:30 PM -The 8 officers moved “systematically” down the hallway with Campos, using his master key card to clear every room and look for additional wounded. According to information released last week by police, the 8 officers acted this way because they did not hear “the gunfire of an active shooter situation.”

10:55 PM -  The eight officers moved to the stairwell at the opposite end of the hallway near Paddock’s room. Around this time Campos is reportedly sent away to receive medical treatment for his wound.

11:20 PM - Officers set off the first explosive breach outside Paddock’s room and entered, observing “the suspect down on the ground” and also identifying a closed door to the adjoining room of the two bedroom suite.

11:27 PM - Officers set off the second explosive breach to open the adjoining door and radioed that Steven Paddock was “down.” A leaked photo of his body appears to show he sustained a fatal wound in and around his skull, and no official time of death has been released by authorities.

Additionally, Sheriff Lombardo confirmed Monday that Paddock had arrived at the Mandalay Bay Hotel on Monday, September 25th, not Thursday September, 28th, a fact first documented and reported by investigative journalist Laura Loomer.

The new timeline leaves many unanswered questions, such as why local police were not informed of Campos’ encounter with Paddock prior to the beginning of his mass slaughter, and why the killer chose to arrive one week before his planned attack, a fact which was hidden from the public by law enforcement officials until two brave independent reporters, Laura Loomer and Mike Tokes, raised the question in person.

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