SK General Knows North’s Military Might

SK General Knows North’s Military Might
Lt. Gen. I.B. Chun spoke recently about the challenges that would face a U.S. invasion force aimed at removing Kim Jong-un from power.

A former South Korean military leader recently told a global security conference that going into North Korea to take down Kim Jong-un won’t be like toppling Saddam Hussein in Iraq. Comparatively, he said, it will be “like getting rid of Allah.”

Lt. Gen. I.B. Chun (ret.) told nuclear experts meeting in London how North Korean is “militarized far beyond the West’s imagination.” He said the military will use its aging Soviet-era equipment in unconventional ways—such as loading jets with fuel and bombs for “kamikaze-style attacks”—in order to retaliate against an invasion.

He also noted:

  • the majority of the North's military infrastructure is deep underground;
  • every North Korean, starting at age 14, gets 100 hours of military training each year on how to shoot a weapon, fire a rocket-propelled grenade, throw a grenade, pitch a tent and other survival skills; and
  • the regime has between 2,500 and 5,000 tons of chemical and biological weapons.

North Korea boasts a military with 1.3 million active members and 7.7 million reserves. Chun also mentioned the regime’s 200,000-strong special forces “monkey units,” which he claimed have been “doped up” and would play a “disrupting role” in the event of an invasion.

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