Star Wars: China Building Its Space Arsenal

Star Wars: China Building Its Space Arsenal
According to Bill Gertz, senior editor of the Washington Free Beacon, who wrote for the Asia Times website, China is building a "formidable" array of space-based weapons platforms.

The Asia Times, a Hong Kong-based English-language news outlet is now reporting China is building an array of high-technology space arms it says will give it a strategic advantage in any future conflict with the U.S.

The article, written by Washington Free Beacon senior editor Bill Gertz, states:

The People’s Liberation Army now has the capability of attacking, destroying or disrupting the 500 US satellites circling the earth at heights of between 1,200 miles and 22,000 miles, according to a new study by a US think tank, the National Institute for Public Policy.

The report, on “Foreign Space Capabilities,” also reveals that China’s military has discussed plans for using space detonations of nuclear weapons to create electronics-killing Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) attacks against orbiting satellites used by militaries for precision weapons targeting, navigation and communications.

“China will increasingly be able to hold at risk US satellites in all orbits and is developing a multi-dimensional ASAT [anti-satellite] capability supporting its anti-access/area denial strategies, with its most recent ASAT activities appearing to be focused on the refinement of its kinetic space weapons,” says the report, authored by Steve Lambakis, a former space warfare expert with the Pentagon’s Missile Defense Agency.

The report identifies other military space powers, such as Russia, but it singles out China for its large investment in building and fielding robust space warfare capabilities designed to support Beijing’s drive to challenge American information superiority and achieve regional and global hegemony.

Gertz concluded China is preparing for a future space war, and its arsenal is “formidable.” He wrote that in order to “maintain peace,” the U.S. and other Asian states must develop their own “counterspace forces” to deter China and others.

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