State Dumps Huge Trove of Documents

State Dumps Huge Trove of Documents
There might be some bad news ahead for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton after the State Department dumped another 6,000 emails related to her tenure. The department has now released more than 33,500 of her emails.

Using Washington's standard of quietly dropping dirty laundry on Friday afternoons, the State Department's Virtual Reading Room released 6,000 documents related to Hillary Clinton's tenure as secretary of state—prompting many to suspect there's some bad news coming for the 2016 Democratic Party presidential nominee.

The latest release of documents is part of the ongoing “slow walk” of documents related to previous Freedom of Information Act lawsuits, most of which were filed by Judicial Watch. The statement for the Clinton Email Collection reads:

In December 2014, former Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton provided the Department with emails that were sent or received by her while she was Secretary of State.
The Department conducted a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) review of all emails provided by former Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton. Starting in June 2015, a new set of emails from this collection was released on this site at the end of each month. These monthly releases continued until the entire collection of records was reviewed for public release. All releasable records are now available on this site.

In May 2015, the Department released a set of 296 of these documents which previously had been provided in February 2015 to the House Select Committee on Benghazi. All 296 documents originally released in May’s production were re-produced within the subsequent productions.

All documents are fully searchable.

The entire collection now includes 33,572 documents.

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