STRATCOM ‘Reorganizing’ for 21st Century Warfare

STRATCOM ‘Reorganizing’ for 21st Century Warfare
STRATCOM Commander Air Force Gen. John Hyten has implemented a plan to restructure the command apparatus for America's "ultimate warfighting force."

The Commander of U.S. Strategic Command announced Monday that the command’s reorganization efforts will create seamless communication between the various components of America’s ultimate warfighting force.

Air Force Gen. John Hyten said in his speech:

"Even though we're listed as a functional combatant command in the Unified Command Plan, Stratcom is the ultimate warfighting command. It is our nation's ultimate power. And it is a warfighting command from beginning to end. Our mission is to provide tailored nuclear, space, cyber, global strike, electronic warfare, missile defense and intelligence capabilities. That's what the UCP tells us to do, and we do that ... So the vision of my command is one team, one warfighting team, innovative and joint, providing the integrated multidomain combat capabilities that we need as a nation."

The structure of that warfighting team will feature four operational components:

  • Joint Force Air Component — formerly the Air Force Global Strike Command
  • Joint Force Space Component — formerly the Air Force Space Command
  • Joint Force Maritime Component — formerly the U.S. Fleet Forces Command; and
  • Joint Functional Component Command for Integrated Missile Defense — formerly the U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command

The latter component will be further restructured as required following the Defense Department’s Ballistic Missile Defense Review, which is currently underway.

Hyten had complained that when he arrived to take command last November, he was struck by the fact that his subordinate two- and three-star generals had “speaking roles,” but his four-star subordinates did not. That was in spite of the fact the two- and three-star generals worked for the four-star generals.

This is also part of a much larger effort to link up all of the U.S. military’s assets into a single command-and-control system that has been previously referred to as a “giant nervous system.”

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