Students Urged to ‘Bring Your Bibles to School’

Students Urged to ‘Bring Your Bibles to School’
Next Thursday, thousands of Christian public school students are encouraged to bring their Bibles to school as part of a religious liberty celebration called Bring Your Bibles to School Day.

Next Thursday, Oct. 5, thousands of Christian children attending public school are being encouraged to exercise their rights and bring their Bibles to class.

Bring Your Bible to School Day is a national initiative of Focus On the Family meant to be a celebration of religious liberty in the U.S. In addition to bringing their Bibles to class, students are encouraged to use the opportunity to share the Gospel with their classmates.

The initiative’s website states:

As a Christian student, you can be a powerful voice of hope at your school! In the Bible, it’s often young people who lead the way for the rest of their culture by providing an example of spiritual boldness and taking a courageous stand for their belief in God. We see this in the books of Daniel and Esther, which tell the stories of a young man and woman, who, despite their youth, had the courage to share God’s truth and love with an unbelieving culture.

The New Testament also speaks to the difference you can make: “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity,” says I Timothy 4:12.

Also, simply by bringing your Bible to school and expressing your faith, you are helping to protect religious freedoms for other students.

The Alliance Defending Freedom is also partnering in the project, and will be providing free legal advice to parents and students who experience difficulties as a result of bringing their Bibles to school.

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