Trump Press Conference: Fake News shutdown

On Wednesday Donald Trump held his first press conference since officially becoming the President-elect.

(NEW YORK) In a designated press room on the 1st floor of Trump’s iconic New York City tower, the future leader of the free world addressed — and at times dressed down — over 140 of America’s top media officials.

The night before, some journalists expressed gleeful concern on Twitter that the event would once more be postponed due to the outlandish — and admittedly unverifiable — hit piece published in unison by Left-wing media outlets CNN and BuzzFeed.

The story in question was the latest chapter in what has shown to be a coordinated effort between top officials in the Obama administration, the intelligence community, and mainstream media to convince the public that the Russians carried out a systematic operation to undermine the U.S. presidential election process — and Donald Trump knowingly corroborated.

TRUNEWS has reviewed the salacious and crude 35 page memo summarized by CNN and published by BuzzFeed Tuesday night, and has been unable to independently verify any of the claims made within.

‘Shockingly’, the editors of the fore mentioned publications admitted in their stories that they also were unable to source the claims prior to making them public, a fact the President-elect unabashedly addressed while boycotting questions from attending CNN representative Jim Acosta.

TRUNEWS has also analyzed the intelligence communities declassified ODNI report, which both President-elect Trump and President Obama were briefed a classified version of in the first week of January.

The declassified report released to the public last Friday contains joint conclusions from intel chiefs James Clapper (DNI), Admiral Mike Rogers (NSA), James Comey (FBI), and John Brennan (CIA), and like BuzzFeed’s memo, was absent of basic evidence and sourcing.

These were but few of many points highlighted today by the President-elect and his spokesman Sean Spicer, as they virulently refuted the rumors, and delivered a fiery defense and reaffirmation of the very campaign promises which secured victory for the real estate mogul.

Among the redelivered pledges was to provide a plan within the first 20 days of Trump’s administration to simultaneously repeal and replace Obamacare.

Building a wall on the southern border with Mexico was also on the list, as well as strengthening America’s cyber security infrastructure.

Donald Trump also called for reform in the pharmaceutical industry, and delivered his long awaited solution to divesting himself from the day to day operations of his billionaire dollar empire.

In what can honestly be seen as one of the hardest decisions in any mans life, — let alone the self made businessmen behind one of the most recognized brands in the world — the President-elect presented six stacks of manilla folders which on January 20th legally sign over control of his company to his two eldest sons, and place his unsold assets in a trust.

Additionally, Donald Trump announced the creation of a new company position to oversee and ensure future business dealings adhere strictly to governmental ethics standards — and specifically avoid potential conflicts of interest with his new position as POTUS.

Lastly, Trump made a pledge to donate all profits from ongoing foreign business dealings to the U.S. treasury —effectively erasing any remaining fair minded concerns that he sought the presidency for financial gain.

All in all, today's press conference left those paying attention optimistic for the next four years, and excited to see the Make America Great Again movement in action.

Below is a PDF from law firm Morgan, Lewis, & Bockius detailing how President-elect Donald Trump plans to divest himself legally [Right Click to download]

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