TruNews TV - January 12, 2018

Today Rick Wiles shares another episode in our ‘Witch Week’ series, this time detailing the heresies of Bethel Church’s SOZO "prayer" ministry.


This is Trunews.  I'm Rick Wiles.  I may call the next five shows "Witch Week."  The more we investigate the presence of New Age beliefs and practices in churches, the more shocked I am by how far it has gone. 

Perhaps you remember the late Marlin Maddoux.  He was a pioneer in Christian talk radio.  He was the founder and host of Point of View, a radio talk show.  You could say I cut my teeth as a news talk show host by listening and learning from Marlin Maddoux.  
Point of View started on Christian radio in 1972.  Mr. Maddoux retired as the daily host in 2003.  He went home with the Lord in 2004. The program continues today with Kerby Anderson and Penna Dexter as cohosts.

I was saved in 1978.   My first radio talk show began in 1999.  I was a newbie host as Mr. Maddoux entered his final years as the king of Christian talk radio.  

I learned a lot by listening to Marlin Maddoux as a young Christian starting in the late 1970s until his retirement in 2003.

One recurring topic on Point of View in the 1980s and 90s was the emerging New Age movement.  Mr. Maddoux earnestly warned Christians to rise up spiritually and suppress the fledgling New Age movement in the 1980s before it gain a foothold in churches.

I wonder what Marlin Maddoux would say today if he was here because the New Age movement isn't fledgling in 2018.  It is in full bloom.  In fact, the Queen of the New Age Movement – Oprah Winfrey – is considering running for President of the USA in 2020 against President Trump.  Top Christian pastors such T.D. Jakes, Joel Osteen, and Hillsong's Carl Lentz are New Age Oprah's TV guests.  

We have churches and ministries using so-called Destiny Cards which are nothing more than Tarot Cards.  Some groups are promoting Angel Boards.  That's supposed to be the Christian version of Ouija Boards.  Different name.  Same devil.   Church children's pastors are teaching young parents to talk through telepathy to their newborn infants.  Many churches have labyrinth prayer walks.  Many Israell-worshipping Christian Zionists love reading the Talmud and Zohar and practicing Kabbalah.  

New Age churches such as Bethel in Redding California are teaching people to vibrate and get into harmony with God and the universe.  They are also anticipating audibly hearing a new sound from Heaven.  And a popular craze currently circulating in many Charismanic churches – especially Bethel - is something called Sozo Prayer.  

We're going to discuss the Sozo Prayer movement today and some other weird things happening in the New Age charismanic churches.  

Without a doubt, the premier name in New Age churches is Bethel in Redding California.  Over 8,000 people attend religious services each week at Bethel.   The senior pastor is Rev. Bill Johnson.  They emphasize the super-natural.  

His daughter-in-law is Jenn Johnson.  For a church that says it desires people to know the Holy Spirit, you may find Jenn Johnson's description of the Holy Spirit as sacrilegious.

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