U.S.-Backed Syrian Rebels Release ISIS Fighters

U.S.-Backed Syrian Rebels Release ISIS Fighters
According to a new report out of Syria, U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Force rebels have released 400 former ISIS terrorists and allowed another 120 to join their ranks.

In another blow to U.S. credibility in Syria, a new report states a key U.S.-backed Syrian rebel group has released hundreds of ISIS fighters it previously held.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the Islamist terrorists had just been captured a few weeks ago. Among the 400 who were released were several well-known ISIS members and battlefield commanders. 

The report also concluded several former ISIS members—more than 120 by its estimation—were allowed to join the Syrian Democratic Forces’ ranks. Most were family members closely related to existing SDF fighters.

This news would appear to fly in the face of President Donald Trump’s assertion that the U.S. will completely destroy the Islamic terrorist organization.

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