US: Highest Threat since 9/11

US: Highest Threat since 9/11
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The House's Homeland Security Committee releases concerning report, Is the US facing the highest threat from Islamist terror since 9/11? 

  • The committee warned of a 'surge' in homegrown radicalized terrorism and the persistent threat heading into 2017
  • Daily Mail's analysis report of the Committee's release reveals that of the 227 homegrown jihadist cases recorded in the 15 years since the 9/11 attacks, 115 of those occurred in the last two years. 
  • The committee's Republican Chairman Michael McCaul of Texas cited the attack last week at Ohio State University as 'proof' of the persistent problem.
  • Abdul Razak Ali Artan reportedly mowed down students and staff at Ohio State University before launching a knife attack, injuring 11 people. 
  • He was shot dead by a police officer at the scene, and police are still investigating his motive, citing terrorism as a possibility although all signs are clearly pointing in that direction. McCaul highlighted the ongoing challenges and said: 'Groups like ISIS are radicalizing new operatives from within our borders, and just this week their new spokesman called for more inspired attacks by supporters "all over the world".’
  • McCaul was referencing Abi al-Hassan al-Muhajer, who encouraged lone wolf fanatics in Europe, US and Russia to attack people 'in their markets, roads and clubs' after ISIS' previous spokesman was killed in a U.S. air strike in Syria on August 30. 
  • Within the US, 35 people across 18 states have been arrested so far in 2016 on terror-related charges like plots to attack, traveling overseas, and weapons charges.
  • Internationally, there have 62 ISIS plots to attack the West this year, and a total of 215 people have been killed as a result, with another 732 injured.
  • McCaul, is also quoted saying: 'Make no mistake: we face a deadlier threat than ever before not only because our enemies have gotten savvyer [sic], but because we took the pressure off them'. He blames the Obama administration for not leaning into the fight aggressively. McCaul expressed concerns about the security situation that the Trump administration will inherit. 

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