Van Hits Muslims Outside of Mosque in London

Van Hits Muslims Outside of Mosque in London
Armed police officers attend to the scene after a vehicle collided with pedestrians near a mosque in the Finsbury Park neighborhood of North London, Britain June 19, 2017

A van plowed through a number of Muslims in London around 12:20am near near Finsbury Park Mosque.

(WASHINGTON, DC) A number of casualties have been reported after a van plowed through a group of pedestrians in London Sunday.

One person has been arrested after a vehicle struck pedestrians in Seven Sister Road in north London. The incident took place outside a mosque, according to Mail Online.

Witnesses said the driver went off the road and into pedestrians.

“Officers are on the scene with other emergency services,” a spokesman for the Metropolitan Police told The Independent. “There are a number of casualties being worked on at the scene. There has been one person arrested. Enquiries continue.”

Three major terror attacks have struck the United Kingdom since late March. Two attacks in London have been carried out by a vehicle targeting crowds of people.

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