White House Locked Down for Second Day in a Row

White House Locked Down for Second Day in a Row
The White House was locked down for a second time in as many days Tuesday after the Secret Service located a suspicious package nearby.

(TruNews) A suspicious package found on the corner of Pennsylvania Avenue and Madison Place N.W. on the northeast corner of the White House complex triggered a Secret Service lockdown Tuesday for the second time in as many days.

Media waiting for the daily press briefing were told to wait indoors. Firefighters and uniformed division Secret Service officers responded to the seen and eventually cleared the package, although it’s not immediately clear what triggered the lockdown.

The White House was locked down Monday after someone threw a sign and notebook over the fence along Pennsylvania Avenue. Some media outlets said a yoga mat was included, but that was not confirmed by the Secret Service.

This is the sixth time the White House has been locked down since President Donald Trump took office. The first occurred March 10 when Jonathan Tran, a mentally disturbed man from California, breeched security and roamed the halls of the White House for nearly 17 minutes before he was apprehended.

March 27, and again April 15, lockdowns were ordered for suspicious packages found near the White House. May 16, an unidentified woman from Pennsylvania attempted to scale the north fence of the White House grounds, prompting another lockdown.

The last lockdown occurred May 31 following an incident where a person jumped over a security barrier in Lafayette Park overlooking the White House property.

Increased perimeter security was installed at the White House in 1995 following the bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma City. It was made permanent following the 9/11 attacks.

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