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Are Illegals Using UBER to Cross the Mexico-US Border?

Human traffickers are finding increasingly creative ways of shuttling Central American migrants through Mexico to the U.S. border and that includes hiring Uber-registered

July 01, 2016

Day 3: President Trump focuses Immigration and THE WALL

Trump may sign an executive order Wednesday eliminating sanctuary cities, temporarily banning immigration, and building “The Wall”.(WASHINGTON, DC) U.S. President Donald Trump is

January 25, 2017

DHS Orders Border Agents to Give Immigrants Asylum Via Mexico

Throngs of Haitians, Africans, Russians, Armenians and Guatemalans are being admitted into the United States via the Mexican border with virtually no vetting for security

October 19, 2016

UK Will Allow Borders to Remain Open After Brexit

European citizens will have two years of free movement after Brexit takes effect in 2019 according to a report in The London Times. British Prime

July 21, 2017

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